"Fresh Off the Lathe"

The Pens on this page are ones I've recently finished. As I finish pens I'll be posting them on this page. In time they will be shifted to a regular page and new ones will be posted here.

Piston Filler Pens

Pen #217 This is a new style for Country Made Pens. The Piston Filler Pen has a built in ink filling system that I make for each pen. The Cap on this pen is made using Black Acrylic. The Barrel has Alumilite ends with a clear acrylic center section. The filler piston is made using Ebonite.  The Section is Alumilite. The Clip is a one piece design made of Stainless Steel. This pen also comes with a Jowo #6 nib.

Price: $350.00 shipping included inside the Continental United States.

Standard USPS rates apply for shipping outside the Continental US.

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